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We founded Home Innovations to be a different kind of A/V company. Looking to maintain a smaller, VIP client base we truly wanted to know the first names of all of our clients, not just have another "Job".  With wide ranging specializations in audio-video, wi-fi, security and automation we decided from day one that our clients would not be a faceless customer, they would be our VIP's. While we have a staff large enough to accommodate all of our clients needs, we're still small enough that all of our VIPs have both of the owners personal cell phones for immeidare access to whateber they may need.  


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We know that building your dream home can be exhausting. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through the process to achieve your goals and stay on budget.

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John Cox

Whether it was fixing the neighbor's VCR as a kid or founding Home Innovations, John has always had a passion for home entertainment.  A trip to Circuit City with his father to buy a big screen TV further deepened his enthusiasm, leading him to install his first surround sound system at age 13.  Later, in high school, John worked in different trades; plumbing, electrical, and landscaping. This experience helped him develop a comprehensive knowledge of how all the systems in a home operate.  This foundation provided him with the skills and expertise needed to create home entertainment and automation systems.  After graduation, he got a job hanging TV's and installing home stereos, again, furthering his knowledge of the industry.  After 9 years, he partnered with John Hunter and Home Innovations was born.  John has earned many vendor certifications for installation and programming.  To keep his abilities relevant, John continues to enroll in industry specific classes as well as  attend trade shows on a regular basis.  His devotion to "keeping up with the times" elevates the success of Home Innovations. 


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John Hunter

Almost 20 years ago, while still in college John got a job delivering TV's. Never a fan of carrying 300lb. televisions's up several flights of stairs John asked his boss if he could move into sales and system design. He quickly learned that he had a knack for incorporating good aesthetics and common sense design into a homes electronic systems. He also found that simpler, easier to use electronic systems (not expensive ones) resulted in happier and life long clients. Now, decades later John is one of the only people you'll want to meet with when designing or redesigning your homes technology systems. With constant industry specific training in IT, AV, home security and over 500 successfully completed projects under his belt John is the expert you need to simplify your life. 



Michael Delaney - Project Manager

Robert Boyd - Lead Technician